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Whether you’re setting up a new home, revamping an existing residence, or buying a shop, ModernVastu combines traditional practices with scientific methods and research-based remedies. We modify your living and work spaces , promoting harmony, prosperity, and well-being.

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Vastu Shastra, India’s traditional architectural science, harmonizes natural energies within our living and working spaces. By aligning your environment with the laws of nature, Vastu brings health, wealth, and happiness.


Harmonize your space for success with our Vastu services

Vastu For Everyone

Revitalize Your Space with ModernVastu

Residential Vastu Consultation

Align your home for happiness and health with our customized Vastu solutions. Ideal for new constructions and existing homes.

Commercial Vastu Consultation

Optimize your commercial spaces, including offices and retail outlets, to boost productivity and foster a prosperous business environment.

Online Vastu Analysis

No matter where you are, connect with us virtually for detailed Vastu analysis and remedies.


Vastu-Compliant Design Planning

Our experts will work with you in creating spaces that are both beautiful and Vastu compliant from the ground up. Ideal for those planning to build or renovate.

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Why Choose ModernVastu?


At ModernVastu, we understand the importance of aligning your space with your aspirations. Our services are designed to meet the diverse needs of new homeowners, long-standing residents, and builders through personalized consultations tailored to each client's unique circumstances.



  • After consulting with ModernVastu for our new housing development, we noticed a substantial increase in buyer interest. The Vastu-aligned properties seem to resonate deeply with our clients, leading to faster sales and more satisfied homeowners.

    Summit Mahajan

  • After the Vastu redesign by ModernVastu, our restaurant has seen a noticeable increase in repeat customers. The ambiance seems to attract more positivity and, consequently, more business.

    Karan Shukla

  • The Vastu adjustments recommended by ModernVastu were simple yet effective. Our home now feels more harmonious and energetically aligned, and our sleep quality has improved remarkably.

    Sumati Mishra

  • Our office redesign, guided by ModernVastu’s principles, has not only improved the aesthetics but also boosted our team’s productivity. Highly recommend their services!

    Rajesh S.

  • ModernVastu transformed our home. Since the consultation, we've noticed a significant improvement in our family's overall mood and health.

    Alisha K.

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