ModernVastu team provides vastu services to non individuals through its corporate department.

Organizations, institutions, places of worship and companies have different needs and issues related to vastu imbalance and rectification.

A dedicated team of ModernVastu works on the basis of scientific evidences and observations to analyze the vastu situation of it’s corporate clients. For rendering corporate clients, the ModernVastu experts work under the close supervision and guidance of the founder
Sh. Sunil Bhaiji.

Clients who wish to certify its property or projects like mall, super market, school or college building, higher education institute, cinema hall, multiplex, market structure, commercial complex, place of worship, Ashram, asylum, park, playground, stadium, training centre, mines, township, multistory residential or non-residential building, swimming pool, club, gym, amusement park etc. find one stop solution window by reaching at ModenVastu.

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