ModernVastu works on the basis of scientific evidences and observations. There is no space for superstitions and difficult rituals in Modern Vastu. Team of Modern Vastu experts works under the close supervision and guidance of the founder Sh. Sunil Bhaiji. ModernVastu works on the basis of scientific evidences and observations.


Current Situation

We always do better for our lives but many times after all efforts we fail to bring positive and desired change In the situation. If we realize the challenges and act with the faith, we can convert the bunch of negative moments into favourable time; ModernVastu helps people in realization along with understanding the current situation and ensuring victory on It by programming the subconscious mind.

Registration With MV

With a very simple process you to be part of the ModernVastu Family. You need to provide basic information for registration and make a nominal payment. After registration an unlimited sky of ModernVastu will be open for you.


When you register yourself successfully, you will be eligible for a detailed interaction session. In this session ModernVastu team collects the information related to becoming challenges during the fulfilment of your desires. After collecting the information related to you and your family team has try to understand your lifestyle and ups and downs of your life. This session will be very beneficial for you until to get useful advice and solution of Research and innovation based ModernVastu.

Self Assessment

Based on the information accumulated during the interaction session, a self-assessment process will be Initiated. You need to answer very simple questions related to your life, family, work, dreams, habits, desires, likes-dislikes, inspirations and passion. An objective type questioner with ‘yes’ or 'no' options will be sent to you through e-mail, WhatsApp or other Suitable mediums to complete your assessment. You need to simply tick the correct answer and send back to the ModernVastu team.

Architectural Aaaessment

Once the self-assessment process Is completed, a team of professional and well-trained architects, civil engineers and construction experts visit and observe on your site. This team prepares various architectural drafts like Google verified degree, Floor plan, Floor plan with dimensions, Bar chart, 16 zone marking, Grid map, 32 entrance marking, camera angle map and they also take site photographs from various angles. This exercise plays an important role In further research and observations.

Research And Observation

Based on interaction, self assessment and architectural assessment, the MV team initiates research and deep observation based on ModernVastu parameters. Sunil Bhaiji Founder of ModernVastu heads this research and observation team and works with deep concentration on each case. Under the guidance of him the team identifies the customized remedies that will help to change the situation positively.

ModernVastu Profile

The ModernVastu profile is a document that helps people to understand the actual challenges that work as obstacles in their lives. This ts a detailed research-based analysis of a particular case. This is a confidential and individual document that will be prepared for finalizing remedies and recommendations. The MVP will not be shared with anyone but on requests, a summary can be provided.

Customized Remedy

ModernVastu remedies are research based and specially customized for different needs and this is the reason that those are very effective for achieving the desired goal. In this stage, Sunil Bhaiji founder of ModernVastu or his representative visit the place where remedies are going to be implemented. All remedies are applied under his guidance and he observes the impact of remedies very closely for a certain period.

Desired Result

In this stage, the effects of ModernVastu remedies start taking shape and desired results are visible. Positive waves are experienced around. Duration of this stage may vary from case to case of Individual and situations.