Modern Vastu has been envisioned by Shri Sunil Bhaiji.

He is an inspiring and magnetic young entrepreneur turned Vastu researcher.

He was born in a middle class family in Dhane Garaul Village in Vaishali district of Bihar. He is third child of Shri Ram Charan Bhagat and Smt.Gayatri Devi. His grandfather Late Ram Nandan Bhagat was a farmer and was an honorable person of the area. He lived in the village during his childhood.

He remembers the village where he was born and says that it seems it is land of God. He feel very nostalgic while remembering his birth place. He could live in this village because he had to shift to Muzaffarpur where his parents were working. He says that after all birth place is birth place that you can’t forget through your life. His grandfather Late Ram Nandan Bhagat was a respected person amongst the villagers.

Sunil Bhaiji had received love and affection from everyone in the village. From his childhood, he always was very enthusiastic to understand the various aspects of life, emotions and relationships.

In the year 1993, he realized that he receives some energy waves that bring him closer to spirituality. He had visited Osho Rajnish’s center in Muzaffarpur, Bihar. This is his first encounter with the world of spirituality. He realized that a spiritual journey is a very individual and intimate quest to consciously deepen your insight about life. He decided to go on a spiritual journey in order to pose himself profound questions about his life.

He learnt Dynamic Meditation at Osho Rajnish’s center in Muzaffarpur, Bihar and after that his inner journey never stopped. Some people decide to go on a spiritual journey in order to pose themselves profound questions about their life. Others seek to intensively study the nature of reality or wish to grow their understanding of God and life. Sunil Bhaiji was in second row. His spiritual journey greatly helped him to be more at peace with himself and the world. Naturally, each spiritual journey is quite unique. Sunil Bhaiji led a corporate life but he has been continuously in a spiritual journey from deep of his soul.

Founder's Message

Science Thousands of years men have done several innovations for their betterment of life. In this journey of development men have learnt to use stone, fire and wheels. After eras they learnt Cooking food, Scriptural study, Building constructions etc. Slowly they gained expertise and emerged as accomplished in their own art. In this process several types of Knowledge and Art have been created. Vastu kala is a unique and important art of mankind in the human journey of development.

After enriching the knowledge in many eras, Vastu Kala has emerged into Vastu Vigyan. It is necessary for science to keep it fresh with new discoveries and research. Vastu Vigyan also has been travelling with new research and discoveries. Now it is time to move forward from Traditional Vastu Shastra to ModernVastu Vigyan.....