Your Privacy is Our Priority: ModernVastu's Commitment to Protecting Your Information

  1. We are devoted to protecting our users' and members' privacy in every way.
  2. Users/Members must supply the following information during the registration procedure in order to register on the Site and Apps:
    Your name
    Date of birth,
    Mobile number,
    E-mail address
    Interests are all required.
  3. We are able to update the Site and Apps and give users and Members the best user-friendly experience thanks to the aforementioned information provided by the users and Members.
  4. We will never request your account information.
  5. Users/Members who don't want to create their own username and password can log in using Facebook or Google credentials.
  6. To improve the responsiveness of the Site, Apps for users/Members, we may use the local data store / content history, or similar electronic tools to collect information to assign each visitor a unique, random number as a User Identification (User ID) to understand the user’s individual interests. The only personal information that will obtain is the information you would supply. Our advertisers may also access through us the information for local data store for their impressions.
  7. When we present information to our advertisers – to help them understand our audience and confirm the value of advertising on our website – it is usually in the form of aggregated statistics on traffic to various pages within our Site/Apps. When you register with Site/Apps, you will receive from time-to-time updation of your content to provide you such features that we believe may benefit you.
  8. The database is kept on servers protected by a firewall; access to the servers is highly controlled and password-protected. No security system is impregnable, notwithstanding how effective our security measures are. Both the security of our database and the safety of the information you provide when sending it to us over the Internet are not guaranteed by us. Of course, anybody with Internet access can view whatever information you submit in a posting to a discussion forum.
  9. The internet is a dynamic medium in spite of this. We could sometimes amend our privacy policy to reflect future changes that will be necessary. Naturally, regardless of what the new policy may be, we will always utilise any information we acquire in accordance with the policy under which it was collected.
  10. You can get in touch with us as follows if you have any queries or need any explanations regarding this policy.
    Website: www.modernvastu in
    By Email:
    By writing to us: ModernVastu Research and Remedy Pvt. Ltd.
    Regtd. Office: Plot No. D-72, GF,
    Pandav Nagar, Delhi 110092
    By contacting us: 011-4141 1811 / +91 981 064 1811