Vastu is a Precious GIFT OF INDIA
to the World like Zero.

Without Zero in digit, we all are Zero in our lives. It’s true that Zero was invented in India and it is really a precious gift to the world.

On September 11, 1893, when Swami Vivekananda delivered his groundbreaking speech during World’s Parliament of Religions in which he talked about the importance and significance of Zero, whole world was surprised after listening him. Not only about Zero, Swami ji also talked about Vedanta and Yoga, which are also very precious gift that is given to the world community by India. Similarly India gave many precious gifts to the world like Yoga, Vastu Shastra, Buddhism, Urdu language and various spices.

Modern Vastu is an advance form of Indian traditional vastu. It is based on scientific research and observation, is very effective in identifying the root cause of your major challenges. An expert from MordernVastu can study the vastu situation of an individual and advise the most suitable customized remedies along with supporting in implementation of it.